Britni & Saad | Something Always Brought Us Back Together

Today is the day that these two finally become one! Yes finally, since these two caught each others eye way back in 2005. 

While chatting with Britni, she takes us back to the moment they finally exchanged numbers. She describes it as anyone would remember their first exchange of conversation... awkward! (LOL) 

"As I was trying to talk to him - my friend was pulling me away from the other end to leave. We exchanged numbers very quickly and that was basically it." -Britni

Britni soon found out later that the moment Saad laid eyes on her, he told his friend, "I am going to talk to that girl before the night ends." Apparently back in circa 2005 Saad was extremely shy, so Britni (with a little liquid courage) made the first move. From that moment grew an amazing friendship that would soon bring us here today! 

"We kept in contact throughout all our past relationships, I told him my deepest secrets, I could trust him with my life. Even while living in different states we never drifted too far apart,  something always brought us back together. I didn't know then, but now I know exactly why we would always reconnect, soon this amazing friend and man would become my Husband."   -Britni 

Today, we celebrate this amazing couples big day! We are so honored to be apart of this celebration between these two and their loving family surrounding them! Let's cheers and get ready to bring in the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. -Jessie Jo

Photo Cred: Top Shelf Photography