Photo Cred: Genevieve's Photography

Photo Cred: Genevieve's Photography

I’m a California native, with a degree in Advertising and a career in Event Planning. Simple enough, right? Well first let's take it back to where my passion to inspire, creative knack for event planning and keen attention to detail all collided. 

After graduation I found myself working as an event coordinator for large scale sporting events. At the time if I wasn’t coordinating an event, I was designing some sort of wedding bash for a good friend tying the knot. Being my bridal party duties it only seemed natural to throw an over-the-top shindig, with clever accents to fit the bride’s unique personality. Little did I know it would someday become my career. I should have seen it coming since many would argue that I’m the real life “27 Dresses," but I would disagree since I still have 7 more dresses to go, well… maybe 10, but who’s counting?

I believe above all else, the happiness of the couple during their big day means everything! Yes...the smell of lavender, perfectly placed table settings and DJ playing all the best booty shaking jams is pretty important. But after it’s all said and done, what do we really remember? The look on the grooms face when he sees his future walk towards him down the aisle. The family and friends tearing as the father dances with his baby one more time. The laughter and loving glances between the new husband and wife.

All of these memories make a wedding day one of the most cherished moments throughout your life, and we can’t wait to get started on yours!

Welcome to Zilla Free Zone!